Turbo-charged by the crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the digitalisation of real estate processes, with established companies in the industry increasingly recognising the need for collaboration with proptechs to exploit data as the new gold. The alternative is to fall behind in the race as the pace of market evolution surges, challenging long-established practices and mindsets. By Judi Seebus

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Real Estate Laggards Face Stranding Risk Without Aggressive Decarbonisation

Portfolio managers will need to aggressively decarbonise their European real estate investments this decade if they are to stay aligned with the EU’s ‘Green Deal’ carbon dioxide emission target cuts.

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A new industrial revolution

The world is still firmly in the grip of the Corona pandemic. Fears of a renewed lockdown are driving many people and businesses. This is also noticeable in the real estate industry.

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Upping the pace of digitalisation

The global coronavirus pandemic is also creating opportunities, with the acceleration of key megatrends being one example. Digital transformation of the real estate industry has gained added momentum. By Isobel Lee

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The opportunities that blockchain technology offers the real estate industry have been talked about for years. Now we are finally seeing the first practical applications, but much of the potential of blockchain remains untapped.

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