Issue 2-2020

The back-to-the-office challenge

Exodus: deserted offices, locked conference rooms, unused kitchenettes. During lockdown, companies asked thousands of staff to work from home. Many businesses are now re-evaluating office environments and their use of space accordingly. New ways of working will also create opportunities. By Isobel Lee

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Safety first

During the coronavirus pandemic, real estate investors shifted their focus to give greater priority to domestic markets. Because safety is what counts in a crisis. Germany, Austria and the Netherlands all offer compelling benefits in terms of risk mitigation. By Christine Mattauch

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A new industrial revolution

The world is still firmly in the grip of the Corona pandemic. Fears of a renewed lockdown are driving many people and businesses. This is also noticeable in the real estate industry.

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Let there be light

In the dark winter months, artists regularly turn our cities into performance spaces and transform the urban environment with their light art. By Elke Hildebrandt

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Significant changes in investment strategies

The coronavirus crisis has led to a significant shift in the investment strategies of institutional real estate investors. “Lower risk, lower return” is the mantra of the moment.

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