Issue 2-2019

Thinking outside the box

Investors in European real estate are contemplating an alternative future, with the increasing popularity of niche property types underlining a continuing divergence from traditional asset classes. From student residences to car parks, care homes to entertainment venues, even mainstream property investors are starting to think outside the box.

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At the top of the shopping list

Real estate investors have focused on the European logistics belt. The short supply and strong demand promise further rent increases.

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Benchmark for Liquidity

Market liquidity has previously been difficult to define and measure in real estate investments, but that has changed. Investors are benefiting from a new benchmark metric for risk management which captures liquidity risk.

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Shortage of supply

Three questions for Henrik von Bothmer on the new city ranking by Union Investment and bulwiengesa, which shows the quality of supply and demand in the most attractive investment locations for student housing

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A riot of colour

Yellow, blue, red: colourful variety is a foolproof way to be noticed. A side benefit is that colours offset the monotonous greys of the city, giving each building its own unique identity.

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