Round? Oval? Egg-shaped!

With its unique shape, the egg has inspired architects to create some exceptional buildings. So, with Easter approaching, let’s go on an egg hunt. By Elke Hildebrandt

Jean-Baptiste Béranger

Shiny sauna egg

Artists Mats Bigert and Lars Bergström were commissioned by cooperative housing company Riksbyggen to create a shiny, egg-shaped sauna, which was installed in Sweden’s northernmost city. 


Sustainable office egg

The exoskeleton of the 13-storey egg-shaped office building in the Indian city of Mumbai reduced the amount of building materials used in its construction. Architect James Law’s sustainably designed Cybertecture Egg is powered by electricity from wind turbines and solar panels.

Reinhard Gorner

Chequered library egg

This chequered eggshell is home to over 800,000 books. The egg-shaped building, designed by Foster + Partners, houses the Philological Library of the Free University of Berlin.


Living in a Majara egg

The brightly coloured “Superadobe” earth domes, known as Majara, are part of a unique urban development programme. The village of egg-shaped homes on the island of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf will eventually expand to cover a total of 10,300 square metres.

Title image: ZAVArchitects

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